Portable Appliance Testing - P.A.T.

Not just PAT testing

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T) - is undertaken as a matter of course at NIS. It basically ensures that the portable appliance is electrically safe to use, be it a kettle, a floodlamp or even a battery charger, in fact anything that plugs into a 240volt or 110volt source. All items sent for calibration are P.A.T. tested as a matter of routine along with stringent calibration tests. We do however differ from many companies where by we undertake repairs to nicks in cables etc while undertaking the PAT test to allow the continued use, rather than just failing the item,

Heath and Safety requirements currently legislate that any appliance which is powered by 'Mains Voltage' has to be PAT tested annually.

PAT testing means that the appliance has to be tested for electrical safety, and in the event of an electrical fault, the user is not placed in danger. NIS obviously can carry out PAT tests, we actually test and repair the PAT testers that are used!! NIS can incorporate PAT testing for clients in with the asset management program to ensure that field staff have fully tested and certified equipment.

Obviously field plant is required daily, so NIS can customise testing programs to test over a weekend. Please contact our technical team for further information.

For further information on what is required on PAT testing please visit www.pat-testing.info