Test Plug Testing

Specialized utility product testing

NIS were approached by an electricity network to put together a programme to test and inspect high voltage test plugs back in 1999 after an incident of a set of plugs falling apart. All the suppliers of test plugs (mainly switchgear manufacturers) were contacted to find out exactly any modifications that should have been carried out to their particular plugs.

A team was set up to test the plugs on site at the client's premises, and check if the various modifications had been carried out. A customised database holds all the information on exactly which type of plugs can be found at which location, and when they were last tested. NIS test the plugs on-site, at 1.5 times their operating voltage for 1 min and measure the earth leakage breakdown. If the plugs are deemed safe for use then they are labelled accordingly and sealed into clear polyethylene bags.

This system works on a rolling program of test and NIS are pro-active in the testing program, informing the client when a sites plugs are due for test.