Utility Testing

Specialists markets require special people

NIS are experts in the calibration and repair of utility equipment. We are the only specialists who are able to track and monitor a companies assets while encompassing a vast capability to repair and calibrate. Our calibration standards are traceable to the National Physical Laboratory - NPL (where the standards are set in the uk) and in turn everything we test and calibrate is referenced to our standards.

If necessary your equipment can be traced all the way back to NPL hence the term trace ability! Everything that NIS test or calibrate is certified as being within manufacturers tolerance or tested to be accurate and safe to use - depending on the individual item. This gives peace of mind that not only is the instrument safe, but also accurate to allow you to report to your customers with confidence.

Our customer base is steered towards catering for large utility clients who want to out-source their management program. NIS prides themselves in the immense range of products that they can professionally service, which is predominantly utility equipment.