Why Calibrate?

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why calibrate?

Testing and calibration go hand in hand to determine that what the equipment says it's doing, it actually is doing! This is crucial, not only to ensure a job had been done correctly, but also accurately. If a voltmeter says it detects 240v AC, how do you know without it being checked?

This is fundamental when dealing with say high voltage, cable location, and compression crimps etc. where if a wrong reading is given, fatal results may result. This may seem obvious, but we find that simple self-checks various instrumentation often has is not used in a day-to-day situation. If a crimp tool is not compressing to the manufactures specified pressure, joints could easily fail when placed under tension load. The list of potential failures could go on and on but needless to say calibration and test PROVES the integrity of the reading/measurement from an unbiased, independent party.