Environmental Policy

Producing today but not destroying tomorrow

All companies need to take responsibility for their environmental impact, and NIS have pioneered a number of environmental measures to try and help its local environment.

  1. We have set up a recycling scheme with our neighboring companies who dispatch large number of consignments of parcels to reuse our excess boxes and packaging from consignments we receive.

  2. Our batteries (and we use a lot of batteries) are disposed of safely into proper channels, not usual refuse disposal.

  3. All of our waste paper is shredded and used as packing material, not only reducing the waste paper problem but also reducing the use of plastic bubble wrap or polystyrene chips, both problematic for environmental disposal

  4. Our waste oil from petrol plant and hydraulic crimping tools is recycled by a national waste company and is refined for both industrial and domestic usage.

Our official environment policy is as below:

Norwich Instrument Services are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance by setting high objectives. We will increase our understanding of the company's environmental impact and implement action to reduce that effect taking into account the financial operation and business requirements of the company.

  • We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

  • We will promote environmental awareness in the company and ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities.

  • We will encourage our suppliers to follow best environmental practice and assist them where appropriate.

  • We will assist our customers in achieving their environmental objectives.

  • We are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on a national, regional and local environmental by ensuring our waste product is kept to a minimum and reducing our resource requirement by continually reviewing our use of all energy resources.

  • We will work towards developing an Environmental Management System to BS14001 and then integrate it into our Quality Assurance System to ISO9001/2000.

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