Safety Policy

Committed to providing a safe working environment

As with any modern, forward thinking company NIS are very proactive in ensuring that not only its employees welfare, but also the welfare of its customers. Being a test and calibration company, we are very aware our testing can have fatal results if not undertaken properly. Our customer's continually put their faith in what we do, and rely on our professionally trained technicians.

Our stringent internal quality system ensures that all procedures for calibration, testing as well as our asset management are followed and ensures continual improvement. We have been an ISO registered company since 1994 and continually raise our standards to improve our service. We are regularly audited by the manufacturers and companies who we are service and distribution agents for and this ensures that our standards and continually kept high.

Our employees

Our calibration technicians are trained either by the manufacturers themselves, or internally to be able to accurately repair and calibrate. We are committed to continually improving the range and complexity of the equipment we can undertake in-house, therefore improving turn around times and quality of service. We are keen to progress and develop internal skills and abilities, and our on-the-job training ensures that our technicians can improve on an individual basis. Working closely with manufacturers means that we can keep up with cutting edge developments in the industry, and often work with customers and manufacturers in the development of products.

Our quality and safety of work is paramount to what we do and are conscious of how a lapse of concentration can have devastating consequences. Our ISO 9001/2000 internal quality inspection means we are continually inspecting the work undertaken, assuring a first class service, with minimal amount of fuss for the customer.

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